Friday, September 16, 2011

Team Solaris, DTU presents Avenir, India`s most efficient Solar Car

The Classic Three-Wheel Tadpole Configuration

Avenir-The Future

Charging In the Sun

Back View

At night flaunting those headlights

Front View

Wow, A car that runs on sun...
The Team is getting ready to represent India at World Solar Challenge 2011 .
This would be the first time any team from subcontinent will be able to make it to the race.
Stay Tuned  for more updates....


  1. This very good thinking to make solar cars which is environment friendly and great massage for us because today we are facing big problem of global warming.

  2. Thank you Allen! We wish to work towards developing a solar electric model that can be produced for the masses.

  3. Solar cars are awesome. Use solar products guys. For best prices go to where I have bought one

  4. Solar car with Headlights... yep, let that sink... From the makers of the submarine with windshield wippers.